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FACE | Natural Soft Jute Facial Brush

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JUTE FACE BRUSH | Soft Bristle (Dry use only)

Handmade from natural jute; a fully biodegradable zero waste solution, this brush is ideal for the sensitive areas of the face and décolletage.



These soft facial brushes are designed for those who prefer to avoid the use of chemical scrubs and exfoliants that can sometimes dry out or irritate sensitive skin. 

Dry brushing twice weekly stimulates the natural oils in your skin as well as exfoliating and cleaning your pores, leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and with a healthy glow.

Eco Max Brushes are registered with The Vegan Society, biodegradable, chemical free and ethically handmade in Sri Lanka.


To keep fresh spray after use with a natural anti-bacterial spray, such as our Elementary Witch Hazel Hydrosol Spritz and dry in the sun.