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Frequently Asked Questions

CRUELTY FREE | How does Elementary test its products?

We are 100% against the testing of anything on animals!

At Elementary we carefully research our ingredients, suppliers and their practices to ensure their practices are completely cruelty free also.

We stick to using naturally derived, plant based ingredients that have known skin care benefits and have been scientifically researched over time. Prior to releasing any new products, we test our creations on a sample group of humans with varying skin types and conditions.

VEGETARIAN & VEGAN PRODUCTS | Is Elementary vegan friendly?

All our products are suitable for Vegetarians, with many being Vegan friendly.  

If you are Vegan please see individual ingredients - apart from the items which list honey, beeswax and milks, all of our products are Vegan Friendly.  If in doubt, please get in touch with us.  

QUALITY | If it's handmade, is it good quality?

We take every care to ensure what we sell is of a high quality, from the ingredients right through to the packaging.

We make every effort to place a full and accurate description and/or graphic on the website, but if you feel there is a problem, please contact us immediately you receive your order or within 2 working days.

STORAGE | What is the best way to store my Elementary Skin Care?

We "stubbornly" choose to keep our products as true to nature as possible, which means we minimise the use of preservatives and artificial additives, so a little extra care will help to preserve the shelf life of our products.

Storage is best away from direct sunlight and under 30 degrees in temperature, so your bathroom cupboard, bedside table or office desk drawer is just perfect.

The essential oils and botanical powders within the products have a life expectancy of at least 10-12 months if stored effectively before the smells may start to fade.

To preserve the aromas of our infused essential oil serums for longer, you can store the product in the fridge, but it's fine if you prefer not to. The smell may fade slightly, but the goodness within the oils remains the same.

PACKAGING | Why do you use plastic containers?

It's important to keep in mind that with natural ingredients, packaging really, really matters! If you compare it with the contents of your fridge, the mushrooms will last a lot longer when sealed from air & light.

Natural ingredients will break down fast when repeatedly exposure to light, air and contamination from repeatedly scooping out the product with your fingers.

We choose our packaging based on it's ability to preserve the efficacy of the products within and also be environmentally conscious.

Our plastic bottles and jars are BPA free and made from Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, known as rPET plastic.

We also choose Aluminium or Glass containers, which like the rPET bottles are fully recyclable after use.