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What is 'stubbornly natural'?

NATURAL | What does 'stubbornly natural' mean?

Elementary will always choose a pure essential oil over the use of fragrance oils, however we are also earth conscious & ethically minded.

There are some instances where the sourcing and production of natural ingredients has and still is causing massive environmental impact...think Sandalwood, Frankenscence and even the Lanolin industries.


We do our best to take a holistic approach to the use of 'natural' ingredients and in some instance, may choose a high quality synthetically produced alternative because the overall ethical-impact is a better choice.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS | What's really in the products?

The Elementary products are created by researching and combining 100% plant based, naturally derived ingredients with the sole purpose of improving your skin. 

We carefully select all ingredients to ensure our products are free from chemicals with proven levels of toxicity on skin.

Do products contain Parabens, Sulphates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, Preservatives or Colours?

We all read about how bad Parabens, SLS/ SLES, Mineral Oil, Silicones and 'toxic chemicals' are for us, but the reality of understanding the impact ALL chemicals have on our health is complex and quite simply confusing.

There is a long list of 'natural' chemicals that are proven to be toxic to the skin and can cause high levels of irritation. For example, Lemon Essential Oil is classified as a severe irritant and environmentally hazardous, however technically it is 'natural'.

Elementary products do not contain ANY ingredients, synthetic or natural that are known carcinogenics, or have scientifically proven data that reflects high levels of toxicity & skin irritation or have a high negative impact on our environment.

Are products suitable for sensitive skin?

Elementary products are great for sensitive skin. We select our ingredients carefully to avoid harsh detergents, preservatives or artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. If you haven’t used our products before, we always suggest you request a sample and do a small patch test first.

Are products safe for children?

Yes, they are safe for children and gentle on the skin, however even natural chemicals should be used with care on children. Always best to do a patch test first and avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as the eyes.