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PET | Animal Grooming Brushes


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Just like people, our furry friends can suffer from excess hair build up and skin issues like dandruff too. They are naturally anti-bacterial, so wont become smelly or mouldy.

Regular grooming is recommended to promote a healthy coat and combat dandruff in pets, but using the right brush is very important to avoid irritating and damaging their skin. 

All our Eco Max Pet Brushes are Vegan, Fair Trade and fully biodegradable. 



Handmade from natural coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre, which has a natural anti-bacterial so won’t become smelly or mouldy making it an ideal pet brush.

Plastic free and long lasting, the coconut fibres don't bend or flatten like a nylon bristle.

GROOMING BRUSH | This plastic free, hand held grooming brush is designed to sit perfectly in your hand so you can easily brush your pets coat.

SMALL HAND BRUSH | Handmade from coconut fibre, the rounded ends of the bristles are gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet still efficiently removes excessive hair.


Can be used for grooming your dog, cat, horse or alpaca.

Pet brushes can be used wet to spread shampoo and remove excessive hair or dry to brush out dirt, sand, dry skin cells and loose hair.


Our brushes are sold packaging free for zero waste.


GROOMING BRUSH | Natural coconut & palmyra fibre, a sustainable rubber wood timber base and cotton strap.

SMALL HAND BRUSH | Natural coconut fibre, a sustainable rubber wood timber handle and cotton loop for hanging.