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BODY | Volcanic Pumice Stone for Dry Skin and Foot Scrub

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FOOT SCRUB | Hard Pumice Rock

Natural volcanic lava pumice is a rough natural rock formation that is perfect to remove the dry & dead skin from your feet and elbow joints.

Pumice stone is durable and long lasting, can be kept in the shower or bath for scrubbing and keeping your skin soft & smooth.



Each pumice stone is unique, with the natural rock creating variations in the colour and texture, so can be turned to provide variations in the scrub.

The oval shape is comfortable in your hand and can be easily manipulated to provide a soft or hard scrub and can also be used for foot massage.

It is fitted with a rope for hanging in the shower or bath and to ensure your rock stays clean & dry.


For a smooth cleansing scrub, combine with our nourishing HEMP SEED OIL SOAP and finish with a revitalising foot massage using our HYDRATION BALM


Rinse the pumice rock thoroughly after use. Shake out excess water and hang to dry. Do not leave the rock damp or in water for prolonged periods.
Spray with an anti-bacterial spray, such as our Witch Hazel floral water every few weeks to ensure freshness.