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SOAP DISH | Natural Timber (Biodegradable)

Our natural timber Soap Racks have a ribbed or slotted style base which allows all your Elementary soaps to drain and air dry between use. 



Available in two different styles;

WAVE | Made from natural plantation farmed Birch wood and have a light timber finish. They are the perfect sculptural feature to add to the bathroom vanity, with a waved surface on both sides which allows your wash rocks to drain and dry between use.  These are large enough for two small bars of soap, side by side, or a man sized bar on its own.

Length: 131mm
Width Total: 95mm
Depth: 19mm

GROOVED | These groovy but functional natural Bamboo Soap Racks have a ridged surface and a flat base with a sleek, light varnish finish. They allow good airflow around your Wash Rocks so they can dry out between use, prolonging their longevity.

Length: 120mm
Width Total: 80mm
Depth: 15mm